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A Game Changing Innovation

420 mAh
2 ml
Child lock system
The hidden lock system prevents accidental use by minors.
Available in 2 versions
White body | Color body
Intense flavours
Flonq Plus E incorporates a built-in mesh heater and advanced coil technology, which quickly and evenly heats and vaporises e-liquid.
This guarantees a full and intense flavour experience with every puff. Discover the complete spectrum of tastes with Flonq Max E!

Aerodynamic design

Creating the Flonq Max E shape, we drew inspiration from the principles of aerodynamic engineering and sleek, streamlined design.

The device features a flawlessly smooth, streamlined shape, a lightweight monolithic body, ample space for a reinforced battery, a glossy tactile surface and a bright colour accent that reflects your individual taste.

Our goal was to create a device that feels like an extension of ourselves, a truly intuitive and enjoyable vape that you won't want to let go of your hands.

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